Loads of lodges!

Beaver lodges come in all shapes and sizes, so here’s our guide to the beaver homes in Knapdale. “Who would live in a lodge like this?”

Currently the trial’s beavers are mainly using 4 lochs, although they also travel into other lochs nearby. Since the start of the trial we have counted 9 beaver constructed lodges. Some of the families, such as those at Loch Linne and Loch Buic have stuck to a single lodge and increased the size every year.

Loch Buic Lodge

Until this summer, the Dubh Loch family also focused their building efforts on one central lodge but since then they have built another 2 smaller lodges. One of these is not far from the original lodge, the other is on Loch Coille-Bharr near the original release point. We currently have camera traps monitoring this lodge to check exactly which animals are using it.

Meanwhile, the lodge building award has to go to Elaine and Eoghann!

Eoghann has been seen lodge building on more camera trap footage than any other animal. Whilst paired together, Elaine and Eoghann built their first lodge which is now redundant on their release loch, Creagmhor. Then they moved into Lochan Beag next door, building another free standing lodge.

Free standing lodge at Lochan Beag

Christian and Eoghann then swapped locations and partners, after which Elaine and Christian went on  to build another bank lodge and now appear to be starting yet another lodge on the opposite bank!

Yet another lodge on Lochan Beag!

It is common for beaver families to have more than 1 lodge within their territory. The rate of lodge building at Lochan Beag seems like a lot of hard work, with each located in different areas of the loch and structured quite differently….so perhaps they are just trying out different designs!

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